Geoalcali is a Spanish company dedicated to the exploration, development and operation of potash mines in Spain. The company is 100% owned by Highfield Resources, an ASX-listed company established with both Spanish and international capital.

The Board of Directors, and management, comprises a team of experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds including mining engineering and geology, who have been assembled to develop five projects that are unique in the sector, and which will become a reference in sustainable mining.

In addition to the key advantages that set our project apart, one of our priorities from Day One has been our commitment to a positive legacy through respect for the environment and the project environs.

Competitive projects

A winning combination of key factors for success

The location of our projects is crucial to their success. The location of the deposits (Muga, Vipasca, Pintanos and Sierra del Perdón) in the Ebro Basin, in the North of Spain, provides us with some unique competitive advantages.

  • The deposits are at a shallow depth suitable for conventional underground mining.
  • The proximity to markets and clients, avoiding excessive transportation costs.
  • The proximity to markets for by-products, which helps improve the overall potential profitability of the project.
  • Access to grid electricity, gas and water.
  • Availability of well-qualified labour.
  • Existence of an extensive network of roads and motorways, railway freight terminal and sea ports.