Isidoro Gil de Jaz de Sos del Rey Católico School, winner of the 1st School Contest on Health and Safety organized by Geoalcali and its Foundation.

The “garden of the senses” of primary students has won the 1,200 euros of the award that the school will use for health and safety improvements.

The second prize, valued at 800 euros, went to the primary students of the Luis Gil de Sangüesa School with their work “Thinking helmets” and to which they wanted to add the motto “Knowledge + Safety = Health”. Through the artistic transformation of the work helmets given to them by the company into farm eggs, the children of the Sangüesino School wanted to transmit the fragility of the worker’s head when faced with their daily work and the need to think before acting.

The Undués Infant and Primary School has won the Third Prize thanks to a video-creation regarding road safety.

Isidoro Gil de Jaz of Sos del Rey Católico School, is to be congratulated. Thanks to the work carried out by its Primary Education students, it will obtain 1,200 euros which it will be able to allocate to projects aimed at improving the centre’s health and safety. Its project, the garden of the senses, has won the maximum award by using protective helmets for work in the planting of a garden with different varieties of cultivation and representing the senses of the human being.

Under the title ‘Are you safe?’, the competition’s motto, students were provided with safety helmets that are no longer in use and have had to be recycled, decorated or painted using a free technique. In this case, prizes were awarded to those unpublished works that have stood out for their originality and quality, always related to the prevention of occupational risks.

In the 1st School Competition on Health and Safety organised by the Geoalcali’s Foundation, children from Infant and Primary Education in the areas closest to the potash production project called Muga mine participated.

Following the announcement of these prizes, Geoalcali has organised a series of talks on prevention in all the participating schools. The company understands that promoting health and safety at work from all levels must be a priority, as well as a legal and social obligation.