Sixto Jiménez

Non-Executive Director

Sixto Jiménez is native to Sangüesa with degrees in both Economics and Business Studies. Sixto has extensive experience in executive roles in businesses across Navarra such as Mina S.A, Bildu Lan, Viscofan and IAN. Sixto has also been a member of the Metrovacesa  Gecina (France), Lokku (United Kingdom) and Riberebro boards. Sixto has extensive management experience in the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Peru and Brazil. Sixto was one of the experts convened by the Government of Navarra for the regions long-term planning management “Moderna” and was an advisor for Caja Navarra between 2004 and 2008. He is now an advisor for Argenol SL, Domus SL, M. Torres Diseños Industriales, Dutihl Abogados and is the Chairman of Tuttipasta SA.