2019 has been a decisive year for the Muga Mine project which will bring employment, development and wealth to the region of Sangüesa and the Altas Cinco Villas. During this year, Geoalcali has achieved the following new milestones:

  • In June, Muga Mine received the favorable Environmental Impact Permit (DIA) from the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO). This favourable resolution was a boost for this project that has already invested tens of millions of euros in studies and research. Muga Mine represents an investment of 576 million euros and will generate, in a phased manner, 800 jobs (368 million euros for the first phase and 208 million euros for the second).
  • As soon as the news of the favorable DIA was known, more than 40 members of the municipal corporations of the towns near the Muga Mine project, as well as members of different public institutions of Navarra and Aragon, were invited to Javier by the company to receive first-hand information on the status of the project and the next steps to take.
  • During the II annual Open Days for Muga Mine that took place just two months after the MITECO resolution, hundreds of people were also able to obtain first-hand information about the potash extraction project.
  • In September, Geoalcali participated in MinerÉTICA, an initiative of the Government of Navarra which consisted of various informative activities aimed at bringing society closer to the world of mineral resources.
  • During October, Cadena SER in Navarra moved to Sangüesa to broadcast its star program “Hoy por Hoy”. This broadcast brought together various political, economic and local development representatives in Sangüesa’s House of Culture. Muga Mine was also a highlight due to the special role it will play in solving the region’s demographic challenges.
  • In November, Geoalcali participated in the Navarra with a Future forum, where the Muga Mine project and the different professions needed in the mining industry were exhibited by encouraging future generations to opt for STEM professions which are also very necessary for other strategic sectors in the territory.
    In addition, Geoalcali, through its Foundation, continued to support projects that promote Safety and Health, through school competitions held in schools close to the Muga Mine area. The Foundation also assisted in other projects that support the sustainable development of these communities.

Geoalcali continues to work on obtaining the mining concession and other permits – municipal activity licenses, Ebro Hydrographic Confederation and power line – that allow construction work to begin as soon as possible. In addition to other works such as the definition of engineering or the continuation of research surveys. All this, under the vision of building a sustainable business around potash that is successful, profitable and respectful of the environment and our stakeholders.