At the beginning of September, the Minister of Economic and Business Development of the Government of Navarre, Manu Ayerdi, presented the MinerÉTICA program.

Under the slogan “Contributing to local sustainability”, this initiative by the Government of Navarre, in collaboration with the City Council of Pamplona and the associations and companies of the mining sector, aims to raise awareness about the importance of mining activity and its contribution to economic development in rural areas.

In addition, MinerÉTICA represents a great opportunity to explain the processes and activities developed around mining in Navarra, to expose the good practices that are carried out when applying innovative solutions in restoration, biodiversity preservation and ecological values, or provide information on the different existing projects.

As noted in the presentation, mining is a vital sector for European sustainability, innovation and development. For this reason, it is vital to raise awareness about the importance of specific training in the field of minerals and promote social dialogue and transparency with the communities.

MinerÉTICA is a part of the European Minerals Day, a European initiative to bring the mineral world closer to society. Exhibitions, workshops, visits to mining activities and conferences have been scheduled for its dissemination in Navarre.

MinerÉTICA will conclude with the celebration of the “V Meeting of Mining in Navarre” that will take place on the 2nd of October and will feature a round table discussion that is entitled “The basic mining industry for sustainable development that enhances the social economy”. Professionals and experts in engineering and mining will participate in this discussion.