International expert in mining management, he will lead the potash production company starting this July.

The Navarra mining company Geoalcali will commence a new stage at the hands of its new CEO, Ignacio Salazar (Bilbao, 1964), who will begin in mid-July.
Ignacio Salazar, an international manager with an extensive career in the natural resources industry in multinational and mining companies, has worked in both Europe and South America and has extensive experience in different management positions.
With a Master’s in Law and Economics from the University of Deusto, Salazar has worked in companies such as Iberdrola, Management Horizon (London), Shell (Madrid, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Argentina, London and The Hague), and Orosur Mining (Uruguay), where he served as CEO since 2013.
Geoalcali’s new CEO has extensive experience in open pit and underground mining operations, as well as in developing international and local relationships in the UK and North American financial markets as well as in investor relations and raising capital.
The Mina Muga project promoted by Geoalcali will be one of the main industrial motors that will generate employment in the Communities of Navarra and Aragon, in one sector, that of mining, which requires highly skilled and specialized labor and which faces great challenges in the region. It is set to begin immediately once the exploitation permit for the extraction of potash and the municipal licenses have been granted.