Geoalcali has once again been recognized by the Government of Navarra with the InnovaRSE diploma thanks to its good practices in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The InnovaRSE management system, created by the Regional Government, is a tool that facilitates the systematic incorporation of sustainability into a process of continuous improvement. It helps companies to incorporate aspects of social responsibility both in their strategy and in their daily operations.

There are three dimensions of the company that are worked on: economic, environmental and social. And four phases in which the methodology is applied: preparation of a diagnosis of the company’s situation in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, drafting and implementing the action plan, preparation of the sustainability report, and application of the cycles of improvement.

The application of CSR in the company implies a new business culture based on a more strategic conception of its operation, its values and the principles that inspire it. It is a new management model that integrates in the decision-making process, from a strategic and operational vision, its economic, social and environmental impacts.