In the last few weeks, Geoalcali has enhanced its dissemination work around mining and, in particular, the role that women play or should play in this sector.

Lucía Martín, geologist of the company, gave an interesting talk about her profession and the role that women play in mining to over fifty students of the ESO Luis Gil School of Sangüesa. Lucía wanted to instil in all the students, but especially the girls, her passion for the work of a geologist in a world that until a few years ago seemed exclusive to men. Nowadays, engineering careers, like many others linked to obtaining resources and raw materials, are a great opportunity for career development for anyone. This is demonstrated by the testimonies that Lucía gave in her presentation: international female voices working in the mining sector, most of them professionals from the sector who are part of the International Women in Mining initiative.

In addition, through the Inspiring Girls foundation, our colleague Edurne Moriones gave a talk about her profession as a mining engineer to the children of the Larraona School of Pamplona. With herself as an example, she tried to inspire and break the myths that STEM careers (science, engineering technology and mathematics) are exclusive to men.

And near Pamplona, in the new headquarters of the British School of Navarra, the director of Geoalcali, Peter Albert, and the head of communication, Susana Bieberach, shared a while with children interested in learning about mining, the world of minerals and their use in our daily lives.

Geoalcali will continue with its didactic and informative work, aware that mining, and in general the obtaining of resources, has a wide field of dissemination in fields as diverse and important as equality, the defence of the environment or the sustainability and growth of our environment.