This is the second meeting of these characteristics that the company celebrates in the framework of its commitment to information and public participation.

This morning, Geoalcali held a new informative meeting with the municipalities and institutions from the Mina Muga jurisdiction to explain the evolution and development of the project after the achievement of the favorable Environmental Impact Permit granted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO).

At the meeting, Geoalcali was able to offer first-hand information on the scope of the MITECO resolution and has been made available to these interest groups to clarify doubts and answer their questions.

The event, which was held in the Navarre town of Javier, was attended by approximately 40 municipal representatives, among whom were mayors from the towns near the project, as well as members of public institutions of Navarre and Aragon, the two communities that encompass Mina Muga.

The meeting was led by the company’s CEO, Peter Albert, who addressed those present to thank them for their support and share with them the achievement of obtaining the favorable DIA for all. “Congratulations are in order for all of us – Albert pointed out – because we have all achieved this fundamental milestone together for this business and industrial initiative that will contribute decisively to curb the problem of depopulation in the area, by increasing opportunities and offering work and future alternatives for the citizens you represent. Thank you wholeheartedly for your support. ”

For his part, the company’s Director of Institutional Relations, Ricardo Pérez Merino, explained the most relevant aspects of the Environmental Impact Permit obtained by the project. According to Pérez Merino, “the MITECO report confirms the environmental compatibility of the mine, conditioning its development to a series of preventive measures and the execution of an Environmental Surveillance Plan, which ensures maximum guarantees in its execution and minimizes possible impacts. These measures arise from a rigorous and exhaustive process of project analysis that has involved a wide variety of regional and state agencies, local entities, environmental groups, citizens and other stakeholders. ”

This informational meeting organized by Geoalcali is part of the company’s commitment with the communities and interest groups aimed at promoting information, public participation, transparency and dialogue throughout the life of Mina Muga.