The V National Aggregates Congress, celebrated in Santiago de Compostela from 24 to 26 October, included in its plan a round table to define the fundaments of a sectorial strategy which allows improving the communication and this industry’s relations with the social environment.

The table was formed by Daniel Barragán, secretary of Negociación Colectiva in CC OO Constructions and Services, Desirée Tornero, director of Water and Salt Communication, Ricardo Pérez, director of Institutional Relations in Geoalcali, Eduardo Ramos, responsible of Consensa, Aniceto Zaragoza, general director of Oficemen, and César Luaces Frades, general director of the Federación de Áridos. Teresa Busqué, president of the Comité de Imagen in Anefa, moderator function.

Geoalcali was invited because it has been pioneer in the implementation of a Citizens Participation Project of voluntary character as well as for the multiple informative actions undertaken, since its implementation as informative days, open days and its installations, installation of suggestion boxes, etc. ‘We have developed a citizens participation project in order to know what people really expect from us and what concerns them about our activity. The economic operation of a mine is important but so is the social responsibility and in this regard we work to create employment opportunities, to take care of our environment. Our companies have to take long-term measures.  Awareness does not come overnight, it needs time. It is the same thing that happens with recycling. The sector clearly needs to come closer to society’, expressed Ricardo Pérez, Director of Institutional Relations in Geoalcali.