The event forms part of the Growing Healthy Together program organised by the Geoalcali Foundation, which reaches over 1600 pupils and coincides with International Environment Day.

This weekend, Navarra´s interpretation centre of farming and agriculture, Casa Gurbindo Etxea, held the second Healthy Recipes School Contest Final, organised by the Geoalcali Foundation within the Growing Healthy Together program.

In the competition, the finalists had to cook their recipes, chosen from all the students who sent them and have participated in the program, before a prestigious panel, from the world of hospitality, Jorge Goicoechea, owner of La Mandarra de la Ramos and Roberto Echeveste of Casa Gurbindo. The judges awarded for originality, use of healthy ingredients and incorporation of at least 2 local products, promoting the concept of KM0 in our food.

This is the second recipe contest although it is the third year of the Growing Healthy Together program given in classrooms, this year more than 1600 pupils from 18 schools participated.

Growing Healthy Living is a program directed at pupils in school in Navarra to raise awareness of the importance of looking after the environment as well as healthy eating. The program carried out in the classrooms of the schools and including a visit to the experimental gardens. There, the pupils can get to know about ecological gardening and have a practical class based on what they have learnt in the classrooms.

Casa Gurbindo Etxea is a space which joins urban and rural, giving an open window to the rural side of Navarra whose objective is the sustainability, specifically in agriculture, farming and agriculture food products.