During June, Geoalcali, its staff, and its Foundation have donated and distributed 22,000 masks among the towns in the vicinity of Mina Muga in order to help with the fight against COVID-19.

The company has done everything possible to obtain the materials and thus help alleviate the need for preventive equipment that is needed in the face of this new reality.

This effort is part of an initiative born within Geoalcali called Stop COVID-19, and with which the company, in line with its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), wants to work with others to stop the pandemic and avoid the serious health, economic and social consequences of this situation.

Before carrying out this initiative, the local authorities were consulted and a list of the most important and urgent needs was requested.

In addition to this distribution of sanitary material, Geoalcali has carried out different initiatives aimed at alleviating the effects of the pandemic in the area of the Mina Muga project, as well as other support measures for the associations that have fought on the front line.

Additionally, thanks to the donations of the staff and the contributions of the company and its foundation, last May 3,000 liters of hypochlorite (chlorine) were acquired and distributed for the disinfection of the streets of the towns and communities of Navarra and Aragon close to the Mina Muga project. Its distribution was made possible thanks to the help of the Civil Guard.