With this campaign in the area planned for the implementation of the industrial area and pit, the company is advancing in the development of Mina Muga while also advancing the mining concession approvals process.

In the coming days, a geotechnical drilling will be carried out in the area planned for the location of industrial facilities, freshwater ponds and pit. These drillings are complementary to those already carried out previously. The objective of this campaign is to confirm the data obtained in the tests previously carried out in the area, data that served as the basis for the design of the projects presented to the authorities last March.

As part of its commitment to hiring community companies, Geoalcali has hired GEEA Geologists, a Navarre company with a long and successful track record in this type of work.

After obtaining the favorable Environmental Impact Statement for the project in March 2020, Geoalcali delivered the necessary documentation to continue the Mining Concession approvals process, in response to a request from the mining authorities. Additionally, it continues to work on the preparation of the documentation that will be required to obtain other permits and licenses necessary for the construction and commissioning of the project, with the idea of ​​being able to start construction work as soon as possible.

Mina Muga is consolidated as a key project in the sustainable development of the region and open to participation and dialogue with all the agents involved. At the same time, Mina Muga is positioned as one of the main industrial motors and will generate quality employment in the Communities of Navarra and Aragon.