The LideraRSE Forum, an initiative in which Diario de Navarra participates, aimed at promoting the excellence among companies in the field of Social Responsibility, managed to bring together some of the companies in Navarra that are making an effort to improve in the areas of food safety, sustainable agriculture and food waste.

With the support of Geoalcali, at CaixaBank headquarters, representatives of companies such as Congelados de Navarra, Mercadona, CSoluciones and Consebro explained their experiences when applying specific actions that serve to eradicate hunger in their immediate surroundings and in the world.

Sustainable Development Objective ODS number 2, which focuses on achieving Zero Hunger, served as the framework for the presentation of the sustainability commitments proposed byeach company.

Geoalcali, as explained in the presentation of the Conference, is a company committed to the application of sustainable practices in all its variables: economic, social and environmental.

This is the Second Sectorial Conference organised by the LideraRSE Forum, after the one that took place last November, centred on Resource Use, Circular Economy and Sustainability in the mining sector and in which Geoalcali played a leading role.