In celebration of World Fertilizer Day, Geoalcali, working together with Javier’s City Council, has proceeded to open a vegetable patch in the urban area of this Navarra town. With this initiative, the installation of different urban vegetable patches in the area of Muga Mine begins.

This type of vegetable patch called “OrganiK” was born with the philosophy of promoting responsible and appropriate consumption of resources, within the space known as kilometer zero, which will serve to promote the consumption of local products, both the crops and of the fertilizer used for its proper development, potash from Navarra.

Potash, whose most common natural source is potassium (K), is key to plant development and growth because it promotes water retention, strengthens roots and cell walls, improves nutrient transfer, and increases resistance to diseases and pests, insects, and temperature variations.

In this case, the Geoalcali Foundation provides the plants or seeds and the fertilizer (potash), but it is Javier’s own neighbors who will be in charge of maintaining the vegetable patch. The product obtained (vegetables) will be used for consumption by the local population and the surplus will be offered to organizations that manage this type of perishable food donations.