As part of the celebrations for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the mining company has invited to a professional meeting the prestigious rescue group that this year competes for the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord and Solidarity.

Under the motto “Safety depends on everyone, but it is my responsibility”, this morning was held at the headquarters of the Marketing Club of Navarra, a meeting with members of the Mining Rescue Brigade of Asturias organized by the Geoalcali company.

Sergio Tuñón, technical director of the rescue team, led the Asturian delegation in an event aimed at making employees of mining companies and society in general aware of the importance of respecting safety standards at work. In order to do so, it was possible to listen directly to the testimony of the rescue group that narrated to the attendees, some of their experiences and the difficulties and obstacles they face when undertaking a mission in mining or underground facilities.

The event was attended by former potash miner of Navarra belonging to the Santa Bárbara de Beriain Brotherhood, members of the Navarra Civil Guard Command, mining technicians from the Government of Navarra, other mining and related companies, representatives from AEMINA, the Business Association of Minera Navarra, as well as representatives from municipalities close to the Muga mine project.

In his presentation, Sergio Tuñón thanked Geoalcali for the invitation and highlighted the importance of conveying to the public the value of the work they carry out “always within the parameters established by law and with a clear vocation for public service”.

At the end of the presentation, Geoalcali’s CEO, Peter Albert, presented Sergio Tuñon with a plaque commemorating the event, highlighting “the courage, effort and solidarity” demonstrated by the Asturian brigade during its 107 years of history, as well as “the effort to preserve traditional mining techniques and art”.

The Central Mining Rescue Brigade of Asturias, proposed for the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord and Solidarity 2019, captured the social and media attention in the titanic rescue and recovery operation of Julen, the 2-year-old boy who unfortunately lost his life in a very narrow and deep open well in the field of Totalán-Málaga. The event highlighted the importance of the experience and knowledge accumulated by the Central Mining Rescue Brigade of Asturias, and with it the selfless will and social commitment of this professional body.

For Geoalcali, health and safety at work are a priority, as well as a legal and social obligation. The company is aware that taking care of and promoting these aspects, from all spheres, is not only key to preventing injuries, but also contributes to the development of a responsible and healthier society.