Every two years, the European Minerals Days are celebrated throughout the old continent. Around 30,000 people from neighboring communities take this opportunity to experience firsthand the world of minerals. Hundreds of events are scheduled in many European countries for this celebration.

Minerals play a fundamental role in our lives. A large part of consumer goods and many products within our reach depend on the extraction of mineral substances. The construction, chemical, automobile, computer, aerospace and industrial industries depend directly on the mineral sector, and that’s the reality that this European initiative aims to transmit to the general public.

Because of these celebrations, the MinerÉTICA initiative has been organized in Navarre. Geoalcali has participated in several initiatives that aim to bring the world of minerals and mining closer to society such as the Environmental Education Museum of Pamplona exhibition “Essential Minerals for a Sustainable Future” and the celebration of the II Open House Days that took place at the company’s facilities in Rocaforte-Sangüesa and where hundreds of people were able to see firsthand and learn more about the details of the Muga Mine project.

Geoalcali has sought to contribute in an active way to the MinerÉTICA initiative and what it understands to be fundamental, both for the sector and society as a whole, by demonstrating once again its commitment to participation, public information and the community.