The Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers of Navarra (AMEDNA) held a working table on November 15 in order to meet and exchange good practices in the field of work-life balance in which 17 companies and entities of the Foral Community of Navarra participated.

On this occasion, our colleague from the Human Resources department, Estíbaliz García Ogayar, was the guest speaker that presented the good practices carried out in her workplace and also detailed the work-life balance and management policies implemented in Geoalcali which are producing good results.

As Estíbaliz García pointed out, “we wanted to reconcile, and help reconcile people, to make life easier for our staff, which is committed to and respects the work-life balance measures. We have verified that the situation improves when you are happy at work”.

The meeting was presided by the president of AMEDNA, Cristina Soto, who was accompanied by the director of the Labor Service of the Government of Navarra, Francisco Javier Zubicoa, who said that these types of projects are framed in the Navarra Strategy of Intelligent Specialization S3, and recalled that there are already 90 Navarra companies that have the Reconcilia Seal promoted by AMEDNA. According to Susana Labiano, these types of actions are “more than valuable for the development and expansion of the respective reconciliation plans of the organizations”.