Muga – Vipasca

Situated some 50km to the south east of Pamplona, within the communities of Undués de Lerda and Urriés, (Aragón), Sangüesa and Javier (Navarra).

The project has been developed from initial exploration carried out in the 1980’s and supported by further completed investigation work.

The surface facilities will occupy about 200 Hectares. In Muga the potash mineral is predominately silvinite. The deposits are shallow, especially in the Southeast section of the project, which allows access to the deposits by two declines. Mining will be undertaken by the conventional Room and Pillar method. The two mine openings will be located in the Aragón region, in the area of Undués de Lerda. The Treatment Plant will be constructed in Navarra, near to the town of Sangüesa.

In October , the Company included the strategic importance of Vipasca as a potential extension of the Muga Project.

The Vipasca permit is highly prospective for economic potash mineralisation, with a primary focus on the deeper, higher grade, P1 and P2 potash horizons.

Benefits of Muga:

A project like Muga, which will last for several decades, offers the opportunity to create a long term sustainable benefit for the administrations and residents of the region. The company is committed to prioritising opportunities for the local community, both in direct employment and in providing services and facilities to the mine. It is estimated that the Muga project at full production will create approximately 800 jobs in administration, operations, logistics mining and support services. An industrial project of this magnitude will bring great social benefits with it because of the wealth that it will generate as well as the socio-economic impulse for the region. The approval of this project means not only a direct benefit, for the generation of employment that it entails, but also indirect benefits, via taxes, social programmes, business development, opportunities etc.