On 27 April 2015 the Company applied for the Girardi Investigation Permit.   This permit complements the northern area of the Osquia Permit to complete the new Izaga Potash Project.

The Izaga Project is located in a syncline structure abutting the northern extent of the expanded Vipasca Project.   The Izaga Project areas are defined by the 7km east-west outcropping noted in the Potasas de Subiza report from 1987.

The Izaga Project covers an area of more than 100km2, where historic drill holes and 2D seismic show a relatively continuous evaporite with drill hole intersects containing potash. With further positive exploration results, the project could display similar attributes to the Muga Project.
During the six months ended 31 December 2017, limited additional work was carried out. The Izaga Palero permit, was granted on 7 June 2018.


Geographical Situation