Respect for the environment

Geoalcali will use techniques aimed at reducing its impact on the environment

Environmental legislation in Spain and Europe is appropriately rigorous and Geoalcali is also committed to implementing measures to ensure the best results in terms of environmental performance.

Prioritisation of electricity from a renewable origin

In terms of energy efficiency and impact minimisation of energy consumption, at Geoalcali we are committed to prioritising, wherever possible, the renewable sources for our electricity supply.

Absence of industrial discharges

All the water coming from the production process will be reused in the production itself or removed by evaporation or backfilling. This guarantees that at the end of the mines life there will not be a surplus of unmanaged water. This is one of the main environmental objectives pursued and is also technically justified.

Waste elimination and impact minimisation: the Backfilling technique

In order to minimise generation and disposal of landfill waste, a very important improvement measure has been included in the project, consisting of filling the excavated mine areas with waste material from the process plant using a technique known as Backfilling. Material that has been mined from the mine and has had the valuable potash extracted is then returned to the mine thereby avoiding the use of landfill in large volumes. Backfilling technology has been included within the Spanish Government’s Waste Management Framework Plan of 2015 and is recognised as the most efficient technique for minimising environmental impact.

Furthermore, the company continues studying projects to ensure the best environmental results in terms of waste and by-product management.

Investments in Research and Development to improve the soil

In order to improve environmental control, soil restoration and improvement and the structural stability of the soil where the project is located, we are developing and we are committed to carrying out R&D projects that improve the quality of the land for proper biological development. We are currently undertaking a study (tecnosoles)  with the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

Biodiversity Protection

Geoalcali is committed to promoting, together with the support of universities and nature protection associations, programs that promote environmental protection, with special attention to measures that protect the species in the area such as the common crab and the bearded vulture.

Using Green Technology

Geoalcali is committed to valuing and prioritising, as far as possible, the use of the most environmentally friendly technology:

  • Efficient design of the plant: in the design of the project we contemplate elements of high efficiency, even though they are at a higher cost, will help reduce energy losses, thus reducing consumption.
  • Efficient energy technologies and elimination of pollutants in structures: in the plant and office facilities the latest technological lights will be used for both the exterior and interior of the buildings. Although they cost more, they are more efficient, which means lower energy consumption and, consequently, less emissions.




Commitment to the environment until closure

Geoalcali has adopted a series of measures aimed at preventing potential impact to the atmosphere, surface water and groundwater, fauna and flora, environment, assets and property, public health and tranquillity and the Historical and Cultural Heritage, by optimising the processes, using adequate locations, installation of certain infrastructures and multiple other measures aimed at protecting the environment.

The Restoration Plan sets a very important investment to achieve the environmental regeneration of the area affected by the extractive activity and its full landscape integration with the environment. The Restoration Plan will start from the first day of activity and will carry on until the closing and post-closing.