Hundreds of people have approached the Geoalcali facilities at the Rocaforte – Sangüesa site during these two days for the II Open House Days and environmental implications”.

Dozens of people came out for the first day of the two organized by the mining company at its facilities in the Sangüesa region in order to obtain direct information about the project after obtaining the favorable Environmental Impact Permit granted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Rocaforte Site – Sangüesa, 19 of September, 2019 […]

Expo minerales

The exhibition, Essential Minerals for a Sustainable Future, is an initiative promoted by Geoalcali since 2018. Since then, numerous organizations and their contribution to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations for the year 2030.


At the beginning of September, the Minister of Economic and mining will participate in this discussion.<>

Following the positive resolution issued by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the company begins a new phase to materialize the project. Geoalcali has been granted the positive Environmental Impact Statement (DIA) for the Muga Mine project. Issued by the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO), this positive resolution means a determining impulse to advance in the […]

As part of the celebrations for the World Day for Safety and healthier society.

On the 27th March, the Faculty of Economics and debate the most relevant trends in this field.

Organized by Geoalcali, in collaboration with the Geological and science disciplines is vital’. After the opening event, it has taken place the conference of Industrial minerals in the daily life, offered by Manuel Regueiro, one of the people with most knowledge in the country’s subject matter. The event, which will be opened until 11th of […]

Between the months of October and highlighted study cases of global economic interest, among them the one of Geoalcali, with its different projects of potash operations. Ricardo Pérez Merino, Responsible of Institutional Relations of the company, showed a presentation about Sustainability integrated in the corporate strategy. Major part of the sessions of AIDEX focused on […]

The scientific divulgation and society in general. The exhibition will be available from November 20th until December 11th during the normal timetable of the Planetarium of Pamplona.