This purchase contract represents an investment of approximately 5 million euros and represents one of the biggest milestones in terms of equipment acquisition within the planning of Muga Mine. Geoalcali SLU and its parent, Highfield Resources (ASX: HFR) have signed on September 29, 2020, a contract for the purchase of a Joy brand full-section miner […]

Ignacio Salazar (Bilbao 1964) assumes today his position as new CEO of Highfield and Geoalcali. He will lead the construction and development of the Mina Muga project and has already joined the office in Pamplona. Salazar, an international executive with more than 30 years of experience in the natural resources industry. He has lived and […]

With this campaign in the area planned for the implementation of the industrial area and pit, the company is advancing in the development of Mina Muga while also advancing the mining concession approvals process. In the coming days, a geotechnical drilling will be carried out in the area planned for the location of industrial facilities, […]

This is the second meeting of these characteristics that the company celebrates in the framework of its commitment to information and public participation. This morning, Geoalcali held a new informative meeting with the municipalities and institutions from the Mina Muga jurisdiction to explain the evolution and development of the project after the achievement of the […]

Coinciding with the celebration of World Bird Day, Geoalcali Foundation in collaboration with the naturalist organization SEO/BirdLife and Cederna Garalur, held a conference with the aim of spreading the need to protect the biodiversity of our habitat in general and, more particularly, the area in which the future installations of Mina Muga will be built, […]

More than fifty professionals attended the First Conference on the Use of Resources and Circular Economy organized by the Foro LideraRSE organized by the Diario de Navarra Foundation in collaboration with Forética. The headquarters of the Confederation of Employers of Navarra, hosted this meeting that contained presentations by experts such as Maria Mendiluce, Director of […]

The company has explained the content of documentation presented to the Ministry of Ecological Transition Geoalcali has organized an informative meeting to explain the evolution and development of Mina Muga project to the town halls of the area of ​​action. The main objective of the forum was to directly inform about the process and preparation […]

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, now the Ministry for Ecological Transition, had requested the company new clarifications on a number of issues surrounding the possible impact on the mine. Geoalcali has presented the required document of these questions, which revolved around three specific elements: seismicity, subsidence and waste management – salt. Geoalcali […]

Peter Albert, CEO and General Director of Geoalcali and Highfield Resources presented to the company´s board the latest updates as much on a corporate level as the development of the project. The presentation focused on the current phase of the permitting process. Recently, the company received the last requirements from the administration within the process […]

Muga mine continues its research work and especially in carrying out a geotechnical drilling to obtain information confirming the optimisation of the design for the access ramps. The data that will be extracted from this research will be used to confirm the choice of machinery for the final excavation works during the construction phase. The […]